Velvety is a personal archive, designed and built by Liam Zhang.

It’s an ongoing experiment of different ideas. A wardrobe of designs, writings, and projects. A living collection of memories, thoughts, and conscience.

About Liam

On a daily basis, I am the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Blockless, a decentralized compute platform helping users to build and ship the next generation of applications.

Previously, my work spanned financial research, investment banking, and primary market investing. Take a look at my resume if you are interested.

Heavily concentrated in finance early in my career, I like to consider myself now as someone who creates.

In my spare time, I enjoy product design, software engineering, automobile engineering (slowly getting started), longevity (experimenting), interior/furniture design (Pierre Jeanneret in particular), and many more.

About This Website

This website is designed using Figma and Framer, built with Next.js and Tailwind CSS, and is hosted on Vercel.